RESM: Render Every System Mindfully










01-07-2012 . RESM renamed. New focus on mindful software development.

01-01-2012 . What a year. Compiled languages taking beatings. We have Oracle purchase sun, and now we have OpenJDK. Java fragmented? Qt gets knocked in the head by their owners in deal at the crossroads. Mono get's kicked around the table a while and lands on a foot but then we see a whole new html5/css3/js look to windows 8 with words of Silverlight drowning. And Adobe stops pushing the flash into mobile.

RESM Problem solving.

  • Software Developer Psychopathy - Devpsycho.
  • Software Developer Schizophrenia - Devschitz.
  • Software Developer Vampirism - Devampire.
  • Software Developer Exaltation - Devxalt.

RESM will use comments, naming conventions and other methods to help remind developers that the fundamental activity of a software developer is really quite simple. Tell a really, really dumb machine what to do one simple instruction at a time. And I mean simple instruction. Like for, next, switch, case, if, then, else. You see, as you read these you are already becoming more aware of this primal truth. No matter which of the popular languages you use this is a fact. For a moment consider these languages and their instructions. It will be discovered that talking to a baby is far more difficult. RESM adopts the Buddhist concept of mindfulness to stress this point. And it is hoped that by involving mindfulness such maladies as listed above can be avoided, and in some cases potentially healed. Be mindful and code!

RESM Status.

Existing software is being revamped to carry out problem solving agenda stated. Documentation in the form of white papers are being developed for those software developer characteristics observed, experienced and stated. A glossary of terms is also being developed as RESM creates new terms to explain concepts in the software development world pertaining to maladies and psychosis.

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